Tuesday, 12 March 2013

IRRI celebrates International Women’s Day

IRRI offices in Los Baños, India, and Bangladesh commemorated the celebration of the International Women’s Day (IWD) on 7-8 March with events that included series of seminars, award and recognition programs and health and wellness fair. This year’s theme is The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum.

At IRRI Headquarters IWD started with the Thursday Seminar on 7 March 2013, in which three women working in science Maria Celeste Banaticla-Hilario (GRC), Maria Theresa Castro (SSD) and Ando Radanielson (CESD) spoke about their research.

On Friday morning, 8 March 2013, Deputy Director General for Management Services Norman Macdonald hosted a special women’s day breakfast with selected group of female staff . This was followed by a workshop facilitated by Katie Nelson, Agronomy Extension Consultant  where she discussed the elements of her research including the design for a gender-responsive preference study, with an open discussion to participants on how their research can incorporate gender-responsive methods to increase impact and funding. Before noon, another seminar was held  in which Lilia Molina (ASL), Alice Laborte (SSD) and Rosa Paula Cuevas (GQNC) shared their achievements in science.  The morning concluded with Bas Bouman, GRiSP Director hosting a special women’s day lunch with selected female staff.

The IWD program continued in the afternoon with a focus on celebrating work-life balance. Three guest speakers shared their inspirational stories on “What’s Work Got to Do with Life” which included Candy Reyes-Alipio who is the current CEO of Pedala Bike Messengers; Hanna Fernando-Pacua, founder of Byaheng Bayani and Angeli Payumo, co-founder of Byaheng Bayani.

IRRI Headquarters also organized a Health and Wellness fair in which many service providers provided special health consultation/check-ups as well as shared free samples of their products and services. SUHAY participated in the fair by having a bake sale and the AFSTRI spouses and partners showed their international colors by dressing in their local clothing, selling international food, writing the names of people in Korean characters and decorating the hands of many persons with henna. IWD at Headquarters ended with the Aerobics Dance Demo and an Introduction to Self-Defense course.

In India, staff discussed women’s achievements over lunch while organizing a training course on mechanization for women farmers in Tamil Nadu. In Bangladesh, staff held an open discussion on The Gender Agenda - Gaining Momentum and on Safety and Security of Women in Society.

HRS would like to thank all organizers and the organizations for making IRRI’s International Women’s Day 2013 a great success. Special thanks to all presenters and guest speakers who shared their accomplishments and inspiring stories in research and outside work.

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