Tuesday, 5 March 2013

IRRI NRS Job Dictionary complete and draft NRS Career Path Guidelines ready for staff consultation

Following many months of comprehensive review and staff consultation, IRRI now has a new Job Dictionary for Nationally Recruited Staff positions. The original person-specific job descriptions were, with the assistance of many hundreds of incumbents, distilled and standardized into 180 job profiles. Each NRS position now has a standard job profile to ensure consistency in levels of responsibility and performance expectations for similar jobs in positions across the Institute. These standard job profiles, which will become effective 15th April 2013, will soon be available to all staff through the new Human Resources Google site.

The introduction of the new Job Dictionary will mean that supervisors do not need to write new job profiles when a vacancy arises, but rather download a standard job profile template and add minimal details, thereby saving valuable time. There will no longer be a need for each recruitment to undergo a time consuming job classification process, as the new standard job profiles have already been classified. Staff seeking career advancement will now be fully aware of the competencies required for each position at each job level. Supervisors will also now be better able to support staff capacity building. The Job Dictionary forms the foundations for NRS Career Paths.

The draft Guidelines for the Appointment and Promotion of NRS are currently being readied for staff consultations and focus groups, which will begin in late March. These guidelines will detail how staff on NRS contacts are appointed and can advance on their careers at IRRI.

In April, HRS will begin formal information sessions to support the implementation of the Job Dictionary and the finalized NRS Career Path Guidelines.

HRS would like to thank the many hundreds of staff who actively participated in the creation of the Job Dictionary, and the members of the Job Profile Committee (Bert Collard, Renato ReaƱo, Artemio Madrid, Marichu Bernardo and Jhea Solis) who provided important logistics and coordination support. Sara van Gaalen and Ilwa Dobermann provided valuable technical support. HRS also thanks  supervisors who supported this important activity, and the 100 volunteers who facilitated the job profile writing workshops. This exercise was a great example of the IRRI values at work.

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