Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sportsfest at HQ opens on April 23!

Human Resource Services (HRS) has finalized the details of this year’s Sportsfest in partnership with selected team of coordinators from different organizational units. This year’s Sportsfest themed "It's PaLAY Time: At IRRI... with hardwork, comes quality play!" hopes to have a much more inclusive approach to fitness, but still maintaining the competitive environment it has long been known for. New games and fun events will be introduced which everyone can look forward to.

Below are the official team clusters:

IRRI Violet Team: Crop & Environmental Sciences Division (CESD), C4 Rice Center (C4C), Social Sciences Division (SSD), Grain Quality Nutrition Center (GQNC), Physical Plant Services (PPS), and Lazaga (Janitorial). To participate, contact the violet team coordinators, Mervin Manalili and Jane Girly Cuerdo or sign-up online at  http://bit.ly/irrivioletteam. 

IRRI Blue Team: Experiment Station (ES), Training Center (TC), Safety and Security Services (SSS), Library & Documentation Services (LDS), Information Technology Services (ITS), Events, Visitors, and Exhibits Office (EVEO), Communications & Publications Services (CPS), Food and Housing Services (FHS), Transport Services (TS), FFHill Building, Harrar Hall, Khush Hall, Bulldog, Brent, Clinic, and ECDC. To participate, contact the blue team coordinators, Joann Glorioso and Jane Carlos or sign-up online at http://bit.ly/irriblueteam. 

IRRI Yellow Team: Plant Breeding, Genetics & Biotechnology (PBGB), TTC-Genetic Resources Center (TTC-GRC), Seed Health Unit (SHU), and Risk Management Quality Assurance (RMQA). To participate, contact the black team coordinators Enrico Francisco Mercado and Carlos Casal or sign-up online at http://bit.ly/irriblackteam.

Sign-up now! Start the National Year of Rice with tons of PaLAY!

The IRRI annual Sportsfest is part of the HRS Health & Wellness Program. For inquiries, please contact HRS Workplace Relations & Advisory Services team at ext. 2363 or send email to irrihrs-wras@irri.org. 

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