Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Gender & Diversity Training held

May 14-15 participants
(first run)
Human Resource Services (HRS) held the workshop on Gender & Diversity Training on May 14-15, 2013 (first run) and May 16-17, 2013 (second run).

May 16-17 participants
(second run)
A total of 29 professionals from science/research and administrative support fields attended the intensive and highly interactive training. In attendance were Sylvia Avance (HCCRO), Violeta Bartolome (PBGB), Julie Ann Basconcillo (CESD), Sarah Beebout (CESD), Marichu Bernardo (RMQA), Akshaya Kumar Biswal (PBGB), Bas Bouman (DGO), Joong Hyoun Chin (PBGB), Benoit Clerget (CESD), Rosa Paula Cuevas (GQNC), Joyce Finegan (DHRS), Sara van Gaalen (DHRS), Glenn Gregorio (PBGB), Loretta Hempsall (IRRI-Bangladesh), Rashad Hegazy (CESD), Joel Janiya (CESD), Shanta Karki (C4C), Maria Rebecca Laza (CESD), Noel Magor (TC), Kenneth McNally (GRC), Maria Elizabeth Naredo (TTC-GRC), Prabhjit Chadha-Mohanty (PBGB), Bjoern Ole Sander (CESD), Ricardo Oliva (PBGB), Endang Septiningsih (PBGB), Adam Sparks (CESD), Casiana Vera Cruz (PBGB), Reiner Wassmann (CESD), and Sudhir Yadav (CESD).

The course is designed to give insights into common gender and diversity workplace-related challenges and to provide program participants with practical tools for use in ensuring an inclusive and collaborative work environment.

For inquiries on upcoming workshops, please contact the HRS Organization & People Development team at x2824 or send email to irrihrs-opds@irri.org.

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