Tuesday, 7 May 2013

HRS to review IRRI's approach to Professional Service contracts

In recent years, IRRI has seen rapid growth in the numbers of people being engaged on Professional Service contracts. Professional Service (PS) contractors join us to provide short-term professional inputs. They should not complete on-going operational work which would more appropriately be completed by staff on fixed-term or open-ended contracts.

Beginning in May, HRS will review IRRI's approach to PS contracts to identify the most appropriate way to meet IRRI's short-term human resource needs, while also making sure that we adhere to Board-approved policies and remain in line with local labor laws. As usual, HRS will consult widely with staff and supervisors in the development of new guidelines. While the review is ongoing, HRS will continue to issue Professional Service contracts in line with current policy up until 31 August 2013.

It is anticipated that a set of updated PS guidelines will be available in September 2013.

Questions related to Professional Service contracts may be forwarded to Nida Reyes at n.reyes@irri.org or at HQ ext. 2215.

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