Tuesday, 4 June 2013

IRRI India Office holds training on Gender and Diversity

The IRRI India Office spent a week getting to grips with Gender and Diversity issues. The training facilitated by the Corporate Service Team brought together participants from across India and Bangladesh and from a variety of disciplines. In a series of lively and interactive sessions conducted by Farrah Quereshi of Global Diversity Practice, the groups explored unconscious bias and worked toward a better understanding of structural inequalities. At the end of the week, a smaller team held a brain-storming session on how best to put the lessons learned into practice. Their work will form the basis of a strategy to be further elaborated by a Gender and Diversity Committee in the coming weeks.

All agreed that the training was useful, thought-provoking and boosted team spirit. It is hoped that a course for staff unable to participate on this occasion can be run in the future.

Participants were: Lamina Agarwal, Gopal Agarwal, TC Dhoundiyal, R Ganeshmoorthy, P Janarthana, Puneet Khurana, Vijay Kumar Marthi, Bidhan Mohapatra, Sonya McGuinness, Amit Mishra, Swati Nayak, Poornima Shankar, Atul Singhal, Savita Sharma  on May 20-21 and A.K Agnihotri, Manjoor Dar, Kamala Gurung, Dayam Khan, C. Khanda, Arvind Kumar, Bidyuth Mahalder, Frank Mussgnug, Mugaloda Ramesha, Arindam Samaddar, Nova Sarker, Sheetal Sharma, Sudhanshu Singh, Rajan Yadav, Takashi Yamano and Najam Waris Zaidi on May 22-23.

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