Tuesday, 9 July 2013

60 staff joined Covey's 7 Habits Development Programs

7 Habits Signature Program 
June 25-27, 2013
HRS in partnership with the Center for Leadership and Change, Inc. (CLCI), the international partner of Franklin Covey in the Philippines, successfully delivered three of its most in-demand development programs, the 7 Habits Signature Program (June 25-27, 2013); 7 Habits for Associates (July 2-3, 2013), and 7 Habits for Managers (July 4-5, 2013).

7 Habits for Associates 
July 2-3, 2013

The workshop is based on Stephen R. Covey's best-selling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The program provided a sequential framework for understanding personal and professional development. It also enabled participants to better apply timeless principles that yield greater productivity, improved communication, strengthened relationships, increased influence, and focus on critical priorities. Facilitated by Ms. Tessa Balili-Mendoza and Ms. Elaine Bernardo-Rodriguez of CLCI, staff from various background attend these programs.

7 Habits for Managers 
July 4-5, 2013
The programs were attended by the following: Deacart  Arreza (RMQA), Marie Anthonette De Guzman (HRS), Wallace Daniels (HRS), Jaime  Faronilo (CESD), Noel  Fonseca (LDS), Ruby Gonzales (PBGB), Marion Joseph Isleta (FOP), Cindy Llorente (GQNC), Emmali  Manalo (CESD), Manuel Marcaida III (CESD), Ryan Joshua Mendoza (HRS), Elisa Tabaquero-Mercado (CESD), Apollo Neil Monroy (C4C), Jhea Laurish Pales (HRS), Maricor Zen Reyes (DDG-R), Adonna Robles (DDG-R), and Melvin Tordecilla (C4C), Lolita Adriano (CESD), Bernadette Avance (PBGB), Imelda Boncajes (GRC), Nerissa Boongaling (GRC), Mary Ann Burac (CESD), Maripi Caisip (SSD), Richelle Candantol (CESD), Jane Carandang (GRC), Ruth Erica Carpio (PBGB), Ferdinand Corcuera (CESD), Ailyne Cuevas (C4C), Cesario De Mesa (CESD), Camille Joy Enalbes (IMC), Minerva Gulde (GRC),  Rommel Hibek (C4C), Nole Javier (C4C), Leanilyn Lim (C4C), Artemio Madrid Jr. (GQNC),  Mauro Malabrigo (LDS), Veronica Mangubat (GRC), Violeta Manila (GRC), Emmanuel Mendoza (LDS), Mae Merluza (GRC), and Marinell Quintana (CESD), Eunice Andarin (HRS), Olivyn Angeles (CESD), Maria Socorro Arboleda (TC), Sylvia Avance (HCCRO), Sylvia Arellano (DGO), Akshaya Kumar Biswal (PBGB), Rogelio Cabunagan (PBGB), Alexander Cañeda (PBGB), Generoso Dimasuay (ES), Chandramani Khanda (IIO),  Jemima Manansala (CESD), Selene Ocampo (HRS), Ramon Oliveros (DDG-CP), Benedict Pamatmat (NPR), Ando Mariot Radanielson (CESD), Renato Reaño (GRC), Charizabel Fortunado-Sapiandante (DO), Rolando Torres (CESD), Victor Jun Ulat (GRC), and Gina Zarsadias (SSD).

For inquiries on future Learning & Development (L&D) Programs, please contact HRS People Development Services at irrihrs-opds@irri.org or access the L&D online calendar at irri.org.

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