Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Working Committee for a New IFEA Model being created

A new working committee is being created to evaluate the current IRRI Filipino Employee’s Association (IFEA) model in light of the many changes that have occurred at IRRI in recent years and the needs of IRRI and NRS going forward.

This committee will recommend an appropriate model (or models) which would be better suited to the new IRRI environment. The committee will be composed of headquarters-based staff and management. In their work, the committee will identify best practices, and consult with a range of IRRI staff and management so as to gain input from staff at all job levels.

The committee will produce a draft of the new IFEA model for discussion with the HRS Director by 20 December 2013.

For inquiries, please contact Joyce Finegan of HRS-Workplace Relations & Advisory Services at x2623 or send email to joyce.finegan@irri.org.

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