Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Manager’s Discretionary Award (MDA) winners in November

Atul Singhal
In recognition of their extraordinary work, Atul Singhal, Assistant Manager II at IRRI India Office and Ma. Velinda Ilao, Officer at Donor Relations & Projects Coordination received IRRI Manager's Discretionary Awards (MDA) in November.

The winners were chosen after a nomination process which began at Organizational Unit (OU) level and which included a review and assessment by the relevant Deputy Director General.

A total of 11 MDA recipients have been awarded since the program was first launched in June 2013.

Ma. Velinda Ilao
IRRI continues to receive MDA nominations and enables managers (NRS Job Levels 7 to 8, PDF and IRS) to recognize single instances of extraordinary work performed by IRRI Nationally Recruited Staff (NRS) in headquarters and country offices. For inquiries and future nominations, please contact HRS-Workplace Relations and Advisory Services at irrihrs-wras@irri.org.

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Nominations open: Semi-Annual Team Awards (Year-end)

The nominations for the year-end Semi-Annual Team Award (SATA) Program are now open. The SATA Program recognizes outstanding contribution and performance by an IRRI Team. The team will be chosen after a nomination which will begin at the OU level and which will include a detailed review and assessment by the Selection Committee.  Deadline for submission of nomination/s is on 19 December 2013. The winning team will be announced via the DG Memo on January 2014.

Learn more about this program by reading the  SATA brochure (http://bit.ly/SATAguide) and send your nomination/s by filling out the nomination form: SATA form, click here.

For inquiries, please contact HRS Workplace Relations & Advisory Services at ext. 2363 or send email to irrihrs-wras@irri.org.

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IRRI welcomes more staff in the November orientation

IRRI welcomed 25 staff in the Employee Orientation Program held on 19-21 November 2013 at headquarters.

Participants were Erlan Abellada (PBGB), Bryan Balajadia (NPR), Jerome Cayton Barradas (TC), Viana Carla Calaminos (PBGB), Toshishangba Chuba (PBGB), Reiland Cordial (PBGB),  Geraldine Dabu (SSD), Alexis Dagmil (SSD), Cresenciana Dimaculangan (PBGB), Jacquelyn Escarcha (ILRI / Hosted Institute),  Argem Gerald Flores (PBGB),  Lourd Franz Gabunada (PBGB), Larise Gallardo (PBGB), Aprille Ann Gonzales (FHS), Marianne Ilagan (PBGB), Heathel Loren Layaoen (CESD), Romnick Pascual (SCS), Bushra Rahman (IRRI-Bangladesh), Jahzeel Ramos (PBGB), Ana Maria Reynoso (DER), Irene Samson (GQNC), Leocadio Sebastian (IRRI-Vietnam), Eugenia Tenorio (PBGB),  Hedia Tnani (PBGB),  Janine Kaye Vitto (C4C).

In addition to newly-hired employees, IRRI extends an invitation to staff with longer service but who have not had the opportunity to attend the orientation program in the past.

For inquiries and future orientation schedules, please contact the HRS Organization & People Development Services at x2824 or send email to irrihrs-opds@irri.org.

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

IRRI to hold annual service awards in December

In honor of 117 employees for the enduring commitment to the Institute's mission, IRRI will hold the “The Gems of IRRI 2013” Service Awards at headquarters in December.

Highlighting the annual event will be the awarding of twenty-five (25) 10-year awardees, sixteen (16) 15-year awardees, thirteen (13) 20-year awardees, nine (9) 25-year awardees, twenty-two (22) 30-year awardees, thirty-two (32) 35-year awardees, and one (1) 40-year awardee.

In addition to service awards recipients for this year, IRRI will also honor the winners of this year’s Manager’s Discretionary Awards (MDA) and Mid-year Semi-Annual Team Award (SATA) recipients.

Please look for more updates in the coming days.

For inquiries, please contact the HRS Workplace Relations & Advisory Services team at x2363 or send email to irrihrs-wras@irri.org.

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Management Services workshop for IRRI Country Offices held

The Management Services Country Offices Workshop was held on 12 - 14 November 2013 at headquarters. Norman Macdonald opened the program and highlighted key MS priorities for country offices. The workshop emphasized a few key areas (HR upgrades, RMQA, OHS, OCS, Transport, upgrading of IT capacities e.g. video conferencing and Google apps). Presenters made the sessions as interactive as possible. The focus was on helping COs to do their jobs better and for HQ to understand the CO operational challenges.

This year’s workshop was attended by 18 participants from 8 country offices. Delegates were Sonya McGuinness (India), Atul Singhal (India), Savita Sharma (India), Nandita Jain (India), Gopal Krishna Agarwal (India), Loretta Hempsall (Bangladesh), Abdullah Al Jaber (Bangladesh), Bidyuth Mahalder (Bangladesh), Shamima Sultana (Bangladesh), Tin Nandar Khine (Myanmar), Thuzar Wyn Naing (Myanmar), Ohnmar Tun (Myanmar), Kyaw Zin Htoo (Myanmar), Angelique Iraguha (Burundi), Apinporn Phuengwattanapich (Thailand), Iwan Adidharmawan (Indonesia), Ivone Henrique Custodio Lopes (Mozambique), and Maryam Foroughi (Iran).

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IRRI holds presentation skills workshop

The third Effective Presentation Skills (EPS) workshop was held on 12-14 November 2013 at headquarters.

The 3-day program aims to develop and strengthen the presentation skills of the participants. Such skills include planning the content, delivering effective speaking techniques, designing powerful visual aids, and gaining control during the presentation. Participants apply what they have learned through oral presentation, and peer feedback helps them to further improve their delivery.

Participants are Hasina Begum (PBGB), Eric John Cruz (GQNC), Joel Dumlao (SHU), Zilhas Ahmed Jewel (PBGB), Janelle Jung (TC), Lizzida Llorca (CESD), Emmali Manalo (PBGB), Jessa Perez (CESD), Kate Lora Quintos (CIO-LDS), Cyhdar Racho (SSS), Lovelie Shaine Sumague (CESD), and Anandhan Tamilselvan (CESD).

This interactive training continues to receive positive participant feedback since it was held for the first time in 2011.

The workshop was facilitated by Bobby Alvarez of Guthrie-Jensen, a leading management training and consultancy firm in the Philippines.

The workshop was organized by Human Resource Services.

For inquiries on future EPS schedules and other Learning & Development (L&D) Programs at IRRI, please contact HRS People Development Services at irrihrs-opds@irri.org or access the Learning & Development online calendar at irri.org.

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

IRRI holds Project Management Workshop

The Project Management Workshop was held for 20 IRRI staff on 29-31 October 2013 at headquarters. The program is designed for those who are either learning about project management for the first time, or those who would like a refresher of the basic skills and processes.

The participants were Krystle Ambayec-Dino (PBGB), Iris Bugayong (CESD), Crystal Concepcion (GQNC), Princess Lilia Dela Cruz (ES), Rosalinda Del Rosario (DGO), Ma. Celeste Dizon (DDG-MS), Ruth Ann Felismino (EVEO), Jaime Fojas (PPS), Aileen Garcia (PR), Carlos Huelma (SHU), Regina Mendoza-Armiendo (HRS), Katherine Nelson (TC), Jonas Padilla (PBGB), Divina Pantig (PPS), Rexie Jane Parreno (PBGB), Charisse Piadozo-Arlegui (PBGB), Dorina Rebong (PPS), Ma. Veronica Sapasap (PBGB), Elisa Tabaquero-Mercado (CESD) and Nicola Wunderlich (TC).

The program was facilitated by Ineke Pitts and Thilakan Sathasivam of the MDF South Asia, a global training and consultancy agency, with over 25 years of experience in international co-operation.

The workshop was organized by Human Resource Services (HRS).

For inquiries and future Project Management Workshop schedules, please contact HRS People Development Services at x2824 or send an email to irrihrs-opds@irri.org.

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Dr. Rodel Lasco speaks at the 3rd Mentoring Lunch

Dr. Rodel D. Lasco, Senior Scientist and Philippine Coordinator for World Agroforestry Centre, shared his perspectives about his mentoring experiences during the Mentoring Lunch on 7 November 2013.

During the program, Dr. Lasco highlighted the importance of mentor and mentee relationship. He advised that the mentees should keep an open mind and acknowledge the inputs from their mentor in as much as the mentors should allow their mentees to shine. Moreover, both should have the passion and dedication for learning.

Mentoring lunches are held to give mentor-mentee pairs the opportunity to get together on a regular basis and continue discussions in an informal atmosphere. At each gathering, a speaker is invited to share personal thoughts on mentoring, and to interact with the mentoring pairs. This is part of the on-going support to mentoring at IRRI, which is organized by the Human Resource Services (HRS).

For inquiries and future Mentoring Program schedules, please contact HRS People Development Services at x2824 or send email to irrihrs-opds@irri.org.

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Call for relief donations to victims of typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in Tacloban, Leyte

IRRI through the Philippine Desk, Partnerships Office is responding to the immediate call for assistance for those badly affected by typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda especially in Leyte and Samar.

IRRI staff who would like to give their personal donations through the sector organizations may contact Jenny Hernandez (AISAS); Ramon Oliveros (SINOP); Ma. Luz Malabayabas (IFSA); Irma Tamisin (AIRESS); Ando Radanielson (AFSTRI), and Stella Bouman (IRS spouses), or through each organizational unit (OU) administrative coordinator or secretary.

All cash donations will be properly acknowledged. The Philippine Desk is coordinating with the Philippine Red Cross which has its relief assistance systems and personnel working 24 hours on the ground in all affected areas.

The deadline for cash donations is on 5pm of Friday, November 15th. Checks can be made payable to The Philippine Red Cross.

For those who are donating in kind - preferred are water (in 5 gallon containers), rice, canned food, coffee, chocolate drinks, medicine for fever, stomach aches, anti-fungal creams or ointments. Please check the expiry dates of the food items that you are donating.

Donations in kind will be brought at a later date as we are still making arrangements with the Philippine military for shipment of the goods.

For details, please contact Sylvia Avance at x2810, or Joselito Platon at x2883.

Transmitted by: HRS Workplace Communications Advisory

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

HRS orientation conducted in IBO's Jessore and Khulna Hubs

The IRRI Bangladesh Office (IBO) held its first local orientation program for 15 Nationally Recruited Staff from  October 22 to 24  2013 in Jessore and Khulna hubs.

Facilitated by Nova Sarker of the HRS, the orientation program includes presentation and discussion about the IRRI's mission, values, goals, and discussed policies on Harassment & Discrimination, Whistle-Blower and Disciplinary Procedure. She introduced the Human Resource Services (HRS) team based in the IRRI-HQ and the team's roles and responsibilities. She also informed staff on compensation and benefits including the new employee rewards and recognition programs such as Semi Annual Team and Manager’s Discretionary Awards.

Loretta Hempsall, CSM for IBO was also present to provide assistance and decision to related issues.

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HQ sportsfest bowling finals coming in mid November

The IRRI Sportsfest Bowling Tournament is down to the final elimination in November at Student Union (SU) Bowling Lanes at University of the Philippines in Los BaƱos.

The fourth game between Yellow and Violet will be held on 11 November 2013. After this game, the teams who will play for the championship on 13 November 2013 will be determined.

(As of 5 November 2013)





For inquiries on IRRI’s Sportsfest and team standing, please contact HRS Workplace Relations & Advisory Services at ext. 2363 or send email to irrihrs-wras@irri.org.

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