Tuesday, 26 March 2013

IRRI participated in the UP-Manila Job Fair

IRRI participated in the University of the Philippines - Manila Job Fair held last 15 March 2013,  which was attended by 400 students from Behavioral Science, Social Science, Biology, Biochemistry and Development Studies. The HRS Staffing Services team brought a little of Los Baños to the City of Manila with colorful scarecrows and rice plants, in addition to information on job opportunities, on-the-job training programs, and scholarships.

15 staff received PRINCE2 certification

The PRINCE2 Foundation Certification course was held for IRRI staff on 13-15 March at headquarters.

PRINCE2 is a process-based approach for project management, providing an easily tailored and scaleable project management methodology for the management of all types of projects. The method is the de-facto standard for project management in the UK and is practiced worldwide.

The workshop was attended by Maria Liza Milante, Sergio Magadia, Victor Alarcon, Betty Sarah Carreon, Donnina Lopez, Luisa Urriza, Rogelio Alvarez Jr., Lea Delos Reyes, Loreto Puyod, Eric Clutario, Bonifacio De Ocampo, Vina Samantha Infante, Nestor Marcelo, Analiza Ramos, and Carlos Ortiz.

The program was facilitated by Vincent Marsi of HiLogic.

For inquiries and future PRINCE2 schedules, please contact the HRS Organization and People Development Services at x2824 or send email to irrihrs-opds@irri.org.

IRRI holds training course on personal skills for professional development workshop for staff

The Personal Skills for Professional Development (PSPD) workshop was held for IRRI staff on 12-15 March at headquarters.

PSPD focuses on learning techniques that help an individual achieve his or her professional goals. These techniques include developing personal credibility and professional reputation, maintaining effective working relationships, and achieving results in pressed situations.

The workshop was attended by Adonna Robles, Charizabel Sapiandante, Wenceslao Larazo, Florence Danila, Jemima Manansala, Emmali Manalo, Jaime Faronilo, Lenie Baeza, and Manzoor Hussain Dar.

The program was facilitated by Neil McCracken of Learning Tree International.

For inquiries and future PSPD schedules, please contact the HRS Organization and People Development Services at x2824 or send email to irrihrs-opds@irri.org.

IRRI rated as top on-the-job training host institution

IRRI was rated a top OJT Host Institution by the Research & Development Department of the Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Calamba on 7 March  during their Recognition Day which was attended by over 100 companies/institutions from across the Metro Manila and Southern Luzon areas.   IRRI was also provided with a compilation of OJT testimonials regarding their training experiences. Ms. Faye Anthonette L. Vergara (AB Communication student) said, “The name International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), an internationally renowned organization means challenge because one will meet and work with people from different countries. CPS (Communications and Publications Services) gave me great insight towards working. Here, creativity and originality is a must.”

Ryan Joshua Mendoza (in photo), HRS Administrator, Staffing Services, accepted the award on behalf of IRRI.

IRRI holds training course on media skills for senior professionals

The Media Skills Training (MST) for senior professionals was held for IRRI staff on 19-20 March at headquarters.

MST is a two-day workshop that helps the individual to take control of media “transaction” through intense re-working of preparations and delivery techniques. It also enables participants to devise a robust strategic position that can be delivered in any media situation, perform in a more confident and comfortable way in front of reporters, microphones and cameras, and recognize how their voice and body language can help or hinder a media performance.

The training was attended by Vina Alvarez,  Andy Nelson, Flor Palis, Alvaro Pamplona, Gina Zarsadias, Lilia Molina,  Grace Centeno, Govinda Rizal, Rosa Paula Cuevas, Shanta Karki, Eugene Castro Jr., Nadia Viera Castañeda, and Ma. Carmelita Alberto.

The program was facilitated by Dan Baker and Andy Hitchcock of Broadcast Media Services, UK.

For inquiries and future MST schedules, please contact the HRS Organization and People Development Services at x2824 or send email to irrihrs-opds@irri.org.

IRRI India celebrates International Women’s Day with further activities in the field

Carrying the International Women's Day celebrations through March, IRRI India organized training and demonstration program for women farmers in Tamil Nadu. Around 100 women farmers from Azhivaikkal, Thanjavur district participated in an on-site demonstration of farm machinery and conversation agriculture technology.

Krishna Veni and Seehtalakshmi are two farmwomen of Alivaikkal village. They can now drive a tractor with multi-crop seed cum fertilizer drill and sow seeds in the zero-till and reduced-till fields. The two women farmers also demonstrated to their neighbours how to transplant paddy seedlings using a mechanical transplanter. The initial training was given by R. Ganeshmoorthy of the Tamil Nadu CSISA hub and the event will be followed up by further training in use and maintenance.

Earlier R. Ganeshmoorthy facilitated the training and spoke to the farm women on conservation agriculture technology like reduce-till direct-seeded Rice, zero-till direct-seeded rice, unpuddled mechanical transplanting and zero-till mechanical transplanting. Many of the women farmers also took the floor to share with each other their experiences of using the machinery and to encourage its use. Videos showing further technology like laser-levelling were also shown.

There was lively interaction between the trainees and the visiting facilitators: Ganeshmoorthy, Shyamala Seelan of Thanjavur Janaseva Bhavan, A. Soundarapandiyan, Assistant Director of Animal Husbandry, Cattle Breeding and Fodder Development Scheme, Govindarajan, Vice-chairman of Alivaikkal Panchayat, Sonya McGuinness, Corporate Services Manager, IRRI India and Poornima Ravi Shankar, Specialist-Knowledge Management Co-ordination (CSISA), IRRI India.

Sonya McGuinness said that IRRI had recognized the role of women farmers in food security and livelihood issues. More than 50 percent of the agricultural operations like transplanting and harvest were carried out by the women. Women’s empowerment and teaching them various technologies would help in increasing agriculture productivity.

Many of the farmers showed interest in learning to drive the tractor and transplanter and are looking at these technologies to yield a best business opportunity and ultimately increase their income level, socio-economic status and real empowerment.

The event was also featured in the Hindu newspaper (see photo on the left).

IRRI welcomes 34 new on-the-job trainees

On 9th January, HRS’ On-the-job Trainee (OJT) Orientation Program was attended by 34 student trainees, who are currently on learning assignments across IRRI's headquarters. Fiona Farrell, HRS Director, welcomed the student trainees by challenging them to be inquisitive and to use this opportunity to learn from world-class IRRI staff. A number of OU Heads provided advice and guidance on how to get the best out of the OJT experience at IRRI.

For inquiries on OJT Program, please contact the HRS Staffing Services team at ext. 2775 / 2254 or send email to irrihrs-staffingservices@irri.org.

February 2013 orientation program held

IRRI welcomed 11 IRRI employees in the February 2013 Employee Orientation Program.

In addition to newly-hired employees, HRS extends invitation to staff with longer service but have not had the opportunity to attend the orientation program in the past.

For inquiries and future orientation schedules, please contact the HRS Organization and People Development Services at x2824 or send email to irrihrs-opds@irri.org.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

IRRI-India celebrates International Women’s Day

The IRRI India Office celebrated International Women’s Day on 8 March 2013. All New Delhi staff and visiting international staff gathered to celebrate the achievements of women in line with the year’s gender agenda that is already gaining momentum across the world.

IRRI celebrates International Women’s Day

IRRI offices in Los Baños, India, and Bangladesh commemorated the celebration of the International Women’s Day (IWD) on 7-8 March with events that included series of seminars, award and recognition programs and health and wellness fair. This year’s theme is The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum.

Bangladesh women farmers honored on International Women's Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) celebrations on 8 March 2013 went by the slogan, Bridging the gender gap in the agricultural sector, and sought to recognize and honor the contribution of women farmers in Bangladesh to household food security through increased agricultural production.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

IRRI NRS Job Dictionary complete and draft NRS Career Path Guidelines ready for staff consultation

Following many months of comprehensive review and staff consultation, IRRI now has a new Job Dictionary for Nationally Recruited Staff positions. The original person-specific job descriptions were, with the assistance of many hundreds of incumbents, distilled and standardized into 180 job profiles. Each NRS position now has a standard job profile to ensure consistency in levels of responsibility and performance expectations for similar jobs in positions across the Institute. These standard job profiles, which will become effective 15th April 2013, will soon be available to all staff through the new Human Resources Google site.

IRRI to launch new NRS Rewards and Recognition Programs

Following significant staff consultation, the guidelines for the new NRS Rewards and Recognition Programs have now been finalized. The Semi-Annual Team Awards (SATA) and Manager’s Discretionary Bonus (MDB), concepts which originated in the new HQ-based NRS C&B approach, will become operational effective 01st June 2013.

HRS to hold consultation sessions on new IRRI Code of Conduct and updated Disciplinary Guidelines

A range of IRRI staff will partner with HRS in the coming weeks to share their thoughts on the newly drafted IRRI Code of Conduct and updated Disciplinary Guidelines. The new drafts aim to update and modernize IRRI’s current approach, and to provide staff with more clarity on such issues as IRRI values, the Rights and Obligations of IRRI Employees, the principles of IRRI Human Resource Management, and more detail on expected workplace conduct. The consultation sessions will take place both at HQ and CO locations during the month of March for the purposes of gathering employee feedback which will be incorporated into the final draft to be presented to IRRI Management.

For inquiries about the draft Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Guidelines please e-mail irrihrs-wras@irri.org.