Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Updates on 2013 Annual Service Awards

The IRRI community is invited to witness the awarding and recognition of 144 employees on 19 December 2013 in celebration of the Gems of IRRI: Annual Service Awards and Recognition Program at headquarters.

A total of 117 recipients will be awarded and recognized for their dedicated service in the Institute, 1 team, consisting of 10 members, for the Mid-year Semi-Annual Team Awards, and 17 winners of Manager’s Discretionary Awards.

The service awardees are:

40 years: Leonido Angeles (PBGB)

35 years: Maximo Alumaga (CESD), Jorge Alvarez (CESD), Manolo Balanial (CESD), Lucio Caramihan (CESD), Pedro Gapas (CESD), Anicio Macahia (CESD), Onofre Mendoza (CESD), Rene Panopio (CESD), Juan Reyes (CESD), Rolando Torres (CESD), Mauro Malabrigo, Jr. (CIO-LDS), Fabian Alcachupas, Jr. (ES), Jose Hernandez (ES), Delfin Ilagan (ES), Fidel Lanorio (ES), Gregorio Oca (ES), Erlinda Oracion (ES), Jose Angeles (PBGB), Marietta Baraoidan (PBGB), Fidel Alvarez (PPS), Fernando Madriaga (PPS), Melencio Tapia (PPS), Luisito Vitan (PPS), William Amador (SSS), Emerlinda Hernandez (TTCGRC), Teresita Santos (TTCGRC), Flora De Guzman (TTCGRC), Danilo De Ocampo (PBGB), Flavio Maghirang (PBGB), Crisanta Culala (PBGB), and Nestor Ramos (PBGB).

30 years: Cesario De Mesa, Jr (CESD), Leodegario Dela Rosa (CESD), Evangelina Ella (CESD), Ricardo Eugenio (CESD), Antonio Salamatin (CESD), Isaias Abuyo (ES), Cristina Cauntay (FHS), Benita Pañgan (FHS), Edgar Amoloza (GQNC), Alvaro Pamplona (PBGB), Pedro Reaño (PBGB), Casiana Vera Cruz (PBGB), Renel Aventurado (PBGB), Edgardo Coloquio (PBGB), Abraham Javier (ES), Enrique Delos Reyes (PPS), Dionisio Ng (PPS), Domingo Ortiz (PPS), Rolando Simon (PPS), Marichu Bernardo (RMQA), Angelica Valintos (SCS), Isabel Penales (SHU), and Renato Reaño (TTCGRC).

25 years: Lily Aquino (Controller - FOP), Antonette Abigail Caballero (CPS), Nida Reyes (DHRS), Rogelio Elbo (ES), Ruben Chavez (GQNC), Jaime Fojas (PPS), Ohnmar Tun (IRRI Myanmar), Marcelino Laza (PBGB), and Norman Oliva (PBGB).

20 years: Hipolito Elec (TTCGRC), Diadema Bonilla (Brent-IRRI), Anaida Ferrer (C4C), Ruth Agbisit (CESD), Crisanta Bueno (CESD), Cynthia Quintos (CPS), Virginia Laluz (PBGB), Aileen Maunahan (SSD), Maria Teresa Clabita (TC), Edwin Cabarrubias (TS), Roger Cuevas (TS), Marilyn Rala (PBGB), and Hei Leung (PBGB).

15 years (15 awardees): Abigail Mabilangan (C4C), Enrique Monserrat (CESD), Sonny Pantoja (CESD), Ma. Gina Borja (PBGB), Patricio Carandang (PBGB), Josefina Mendoza (PBGB), Rodante Nuevo (PBGB), Irma Tamisin (PBGB), Salome Bulaquiña (SHU), Aurelio Gamba (SHU), Ma. Shiela Valencia (SSD), Fred Angeles (TS), Robert Zeigler (DGO), and Allan Trinidad (PBGB).

10 years: Melencio Apostol (CESD), Jane Carlos (Controller FPR), Annie Magcamit (Controller FPR), Jennifer Jarlego (DER-DO), Paul Benjamin Hilario (DER-EVEO), Rosalinda Del Rosario (DGO), Benedicto Alborida (ES), Anthony Aquino (ES), Nicasio Malabanan (ES), Priscilla Argosino (FHS), Kathryn Rose Villanueva (FHS), Lolita Mendoza (PBGB), Rowena Oane (PBGB), Mario Garcia (PPS), Leonardo Mangubat (PPS), Ramon Suarez (PPS), Amelia Cueno (SSD), Zenaida Huelgas (SSD), Maria Celeste Hilario (TTCGRC), Rancy Bauyon (TTCGRC), Romulo Quilantang (TTCGRC), Nanda Soe Myint (IRRI Myanmar), David Johnson (CESD), and Gerard Barry (PBGB).

The Mid-year Semi Annual Team Awards winner is:

Salinity Tolerance Breeding Team (PBGB) with members including Glenn Gregorio (team leader), Junrey Amas, Marydee Arceta, Aniceta Barretto, Rollin Deocampo, Angelito Francisco, Mohammad Rafiqul Islam, Michelle Racelis, Andres Godwin Sajise, Rakesh Kumar Singh, Naireen Aiza Vispo.

The Manager’s Discretionary Awards winners are:

Roldan Ilagan (GQNC), Fernando Salisi (GQNC), Connie Lotho (PBGB), Alaine Gulles (PBGB), Felecito Aringo, Jr. (ES), Juanito Rosario (ES), Joselito Liwanagan  (ES), Anthony Aquino (ES), Cindy Llorente (GQNC), Atul Singhal (IRRI India Office), Velinda Ilao (DRPC), Ma. Aileen Garcia (PR), Rolando Guevarra (ES), Sulpicio Malabanan (ES), Nazario Timbol (ES), Norman Oliva (PBGB), and Hershey Aquino (HRS).

The awarding ceremony will be hosted by Joshua Mendoza and Margeorie Vasquez of the HRS Workplace Relations & Advisory Services (HRS-WRAS).

For inquiries on employee rewards and recognition program, please contact the HRS-WRAS team at x2363 or send email to Workplace Communications Article No. 2013-108

Manager's Discretionary Awards in December

Photo from left to right: Ma. Aileen Garcia (PR), Rolando Guevarra (ES), Sulpicio Malabanan (ES),
Nazario Timbol (ES), Norman Oliva (PBGB), and Hershey Aquino (HRS)

In recognition of their extraordinary work, Ma. Aileen Garcia (PR), Rolando Guevarra (ES), Sulpicio Malabanan (ES), Nazario Timbol (ES), Norman Oliva (PBGB), and Hershey Aquino (HRS) received the IRRI Manager’s Discretionary Awards in December.

The winners were chosen after a nomination process which began at Organizational Unit (OU) level and which included a review and assessment by the relevant Deputy Director General.

A total of 17 MDA recipients have been awarded since the program was first launched in June 2013.

IRRI continues to receive MDA nominations and enables managers (NRS Job Levels 7 to 8, PDF and IRS) to recognize single instances of extraordinary work performed by IRRI Nationally Recruited Staff (NRS) in headquarters and country offices. For inquiries and future nominations, please contact HRS-Workplace Relations and Advisory Services at Workplace Communications Article No. 2013-109

HQ Human Resource Services visits IRRI Myanmar Office

From 9 to 14 December two representatives of HRS, Bing Andarin (HR Business Partner) and Sara van Gaalen (HR Specialist) met with all Nationally Recruited Staff based in Myanmar. The objective of the trip was to finalize the Compensation and Benefits (C&B) brochure for NRS in Myanmar and to introduce the standard job profile and NRS Career Path to all staff.

HRS visited several international NGOs to conduct compensation and benefit benchmarking exercise. The outcomes of the meetings were discussed with the IRRI Representative, Madonna Casimero. The outcomes of the meetings will be published in a brochure, which will be available on the HR Services Portal early next year.

Bing and Sara also met staff members to explain the purpose of the standard job profiles, discuss the job profiles individually and to consult on the NRS Career Path guidelines. At the end of the week staff members also had the opportunity to ask any questions related to Human Resources.

In the coming year, more HRS HQ staff will visit Myanmar, for example to roll out the OCS and the Code of Conduct and to implement staff wellness activities. In all of these activities they are supported by the corporate services team, led by Ohnmar (Pyone) Tun, Manager – Corporate Services. Workplace Communications Article No. 2013-110

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

IRRI to hold the Annual Service Awards Ceremony

The  Annual Service Awards Ceremony,  themed "Gems of IRRI" will be held on 19 December 2013 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM at Havener Auditorium, Chandler Hall in headquarters.

The ceremony will honor all staff who worked and served the Institute  for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 years of service,  and will also include a recognition program for the winners of the Manager’s Discretionary Awards (MDA) and Mid-year Semi-Annual Team Awards (SATA). Special guest performances and inspiring speeches from the selected award recipients are only some of the highlights of the program.

Right after the program proper, an afternoon treat will be held to celebrate the occasion with all the awardees, their respective supervisors, and the relevant deputy director general.

For more information about the employee rewards and recognition program, please contact the HRS Workplace Relations & Advisory Services team at x2363 or send email to

Workplace Communications Article 2013-104

New Employee Association Working Committee to hold a workshop

After a series of consultation sessions from the Institute’s recognized sector organizations and some members of the management, the working committee will hold its 2-day workshop on 11-12 December 2013 in headquarters. The workshop will allow the members of the working committee to consolidate the results of the consultation sessions including developing the framework of the new employee association model, and its vision and mission. The draft model is set to be presented by the working committee for discussion with the Human Resource Services Director on 20 December 2013.

The working committee is composed of Joel Janiya (Chair), Rogelio Cabunagan (Vice-Chair), Bernadett Avance (Secretary), Adoracion Resurreccion, Niño Banayo, Noel Nathaniel Fonseca, Charizabel Fortunado, Maria Leah Cruz, and Teodoro Correa, Jr. (members).

For more information about the new employee association model, please contact the working committee at

Workplace Communications Article 2013-105

Play held by Brent IRRI students

A total of 250 guests including staff, IRRI spouses, and the children from the feeding centers joined to witness the play themed ‘A Super Christmas’ on 3 December 2013 at headquarters.

The Brent IRRI school students performed  the famous characters in the Christmas story  and serenaded the guests with special Christmas song numbers and gift giving activity.

SUHAY is a group of international spouses at IRRI. Every year, they help the pre-school feeding centers in Los Banos for malnourished children and conducts various support activities for the Los Banos community.

For more information about SUHAY and its activities, please contact Judy Buresh, HRS Family Liaison Officer at ext. 2572 or send email to

Workplace Communications Article 2013-106

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Dance for a cause held for typhoon Yolanda victims

A very special evening of dance was held on 29 November 2013 at headquarters to raise funds for the Typhoon Yolanda victims. The event, titled ‘Zumba Party’ was organized by IRRI Zumba enthusiasts in partnership with the HRS -Workplace Relations and Advisory Services and members of the sector organizations–Association of IRRI Secretaries and Administrative Staff (AISAS), IRRI Filipino Scientists Association (IFSA) and Society of IRRI Non-research Professionals (SINOP).

A total of 50 participants joined the activity.

The event raised Php 15,000. All the proceeds will be forwarded to Philippine National Red Cross through Partnerships Office - Philippines Desk.

Workplace Communications Article 2013-100

Staff survey resulted to cancellation of Institute year-end party

In reference to DG Memo 2013-19, a staff survey resulted in an overwhelming desire to cancel the Institute year-end party, and instead use the funds to benefit the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. IRRI will immediately forward the funds to Catholic Relief Services, who have teams on the ground in the most heavily affected areas to assist those in need.

Through the same staff survey, a number of NRS also expressed a wish to donate the cash value of their personal December rice ration. HRS - Compensation & Benefits Services will open an online registration (click here) to accommodate this request. IRRI will ensure that these donations also reach Catholic Relief Services.

Workplace Communications Article 2013-101

Media skills training held for senior professionals

IRRI holds Media Skills Training (MST) for staff on 27-29 November 2013 at headquarters.

The workshop aims to help the participants to take control of the media “transaction” through intense preparations and delivery techniques. It also enables participants to devise a robust strategic position that can be delivered in any media situation; perform in a more confident and comfortable way in front of reporters, microphones and cameras; and, recognize how their voice and body language can help or hinder a media performance.

First batch of participants include Rowena Baltazar (PBGB), Marileth Enriquez (DER), Tsutomu Ishimaru (PBGB), Janelle Jung (TC), Hsiang Chun-Lin (C4), Rexie Jane Parreno (PBGB), Julie Mae Criste Pasuquin (CESD), Reianne Quilloy (CESD), Bushra Rahman (IBO), Bjoern Ole Sander (CESD), Alexander Stuart (CESD), Leigh Vial (ES). Second batch of participants include David Johnson (CESD), Antonio Lambino (CPS), Julian Lapitan (NPR), Rakesh Kumar Singh (PBGB), Reiner Wassmann (CESD), and Robert Zeigler (DGO).

The three-day session was facilitated by Andy Hitchcock and Andrew Ogden of Broadcast Media Services (BMS). BMS is an award winning corporate video production & media training company.

The workshop was organized by HRS-People Development Services in partnership with Communications office (formerly Public Relations office).

For inquiries on future Learning & Development (L&D) Programs, please contact HRS People Development Services at or access the Learning & Development online calendar at

Workplace Communications Article 2013-102

IRRI recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation during the World Food Day in Myanmar

Dr. Madonna Casimero, IRRI Representative to Myanmar received a plaque of appreciation from the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MoAI) in honor of IRRI's strong technical support to rice sector development last 16 October 2013. This is in line with the World Food Day Celebration in the new administrative capital of Myanmar, Nay Pyi Taw.

"Sustainable Food System for Food Security and Nutrition" is this year's World Food Day theme that emphasized on R.I.C.Hstrategy. As identified by Dr. Robert Zeigler, IRRI Director General, the strategy will address the three principal areas for improvement for farmers to achieve higher profitability and for them to continue growing rice: (1) technological innovation, adaptation and extension; (2) postharvest processing and marketing; (3) development of international trade.

*Note: R.I.C.H means reduced risks and losses by targeting technologies matching with rice environments for stable rice production and crop diversification, integrated and efficient systems in the rice value chain (vertical integration from seed to production to market) to reduce transaction costs, coordinated program, strategies, policies and broad-based investment platform to stimulate participation of the private sector, highly productive and profitable rice farmers that grow rice using sustainable practices.

Workplace Communications Article 2013-103