Wednesday, 26 February 2014

IRRI to hold Q1-2014 Health & Wellness Program in March

Human Resource Services (HRS) will hold the Q1-2014 Health & Wellness Fair in line with the upcoming International Women’s Day to be held in March at headquarters.

All staff and dependents are invited to participate in this two-day program packed with activities including free medical consultations, lifestyle & food, product sampling, health lectures and more.

The Q1-2014 Health & Wellness Program is part of IRRI’s Occupational Health @ Work programs. For inquiries, please call the HRS Workplace Relations & Advisory Services at ext. 2363 or send email HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2014-021

HRS awareness package for staff now available at

The last twelve months has been a busy period for the HRS team, as many major HR modernization activities were developed and implemented. In order to ensure that all staff and supervisors, in all IRRI locations, are fully up to date, the HRS team has gathered the most important of these initiatives into an awareness package.

A printed version of this awareness package will be delivered to all supervisors and to all organizational units. For your convenience, please find below the links to the documents contained in the awareness package. Read on for more details.

In 2013 HRS launched two new rewards and recognition programs, for which supervisors can nominate individual staff or teams:
Please also see the Guidelines for NRS Achievement Awards.

The awareness package also contains information on the newly launched NRS Career Paths, the NRS job dictionary which contains IRRI’s standard job profiles, and the recent updates to the IPaD:
You can find the videos here for the information sessions on the IPaD and NRS Career Growth for staff and supervisors.

All staff and supervisors should be aware of the new IRRI Code of Conduct; and Guidelines on IRRI’s Disciplinary Procedures.

All this information can also be found on

Please contact any member of the HRS team, if you have any questions. HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2014-020

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

HRS Learning and Development Programs for staff in March 2014

Human Resource Services (HRS) invites staff to join the offered Learning & Development Programs in March 2014. Please check out our courses below for more details:

7 Habits for Associates I Open to NRS levels 1-3
13-14 March 2014
IRRI headquarters, Los Baños

This workshop helps employees tap into the best they have to give. This workshop empowers them to resolve work/life imbalances, understand their potential, manage time, increase accountability, and achieve their goals.

Links: Pre-course requirement  I  Register now

7 Habits Signature Program I Open to NRS levels 4-6
17-19 March 2014
IRRI headquarters, Los Baños

This intensive program provides fundamental effectiveness for everyone--top to bottom--in the organization. Participants gain hands-on experience, applying timeless principles that yield greater productivity, improved communication, strengthened relationships, increased influence, and laser-like focus on critical priorities.

Links: Pre-course requirement I Register now

7 Habits for Managers I Open to NRS Levels 7-8 / GRS
20-21 March 2014
IRRI headquarters, Los Baños

This workshop is an intensive application-oriented learning experience that focuses on the fundamentals of great leadership. This workshop gives both new and experienced managers a set of tools that will help them meet all of today's management challenges including conflict resolution, prioritization, performance management, accountability and trust, execution, collaboration, team and employee development.

Links: Pre-course requirement I Register now

Effective Business Writing I Open to all IRRI Staff
25-26 March 2014
IRRI headquarters, Los Baños

This customized program equips IRRI’s professionals with the knowledge and skills to create results-producing written correspondences.

Links: Pre-course requirement I Register now

For inquiries and registration on 2014 L&D programs, please contact HRS People Development Services at x2824 or send email to HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2014-019

IRRI holds 10th PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Program

Delivered for the first time in 2014, the 10th PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Program was held on February 11-14  at headquarters.

14 participants received the certification program including Olivyn Angeles (CESD), Jeanette Balindong (PBGB), Carlito Balingbing (ES), Antonette Abigail Caballero (CPS), Helen Grace Centeno (CESD), Rashad Hegazy (CESD), Rosario Jimenez (GQNC), Balram Marathi (PBGB), Imelda Molina (SSD), Norman Oliva (PBGB), Rakesh Kumar Singh (PBGB), Adam Sparks (CESD), Nese Sreenivasulu (GQNC) and Sonya McGuinness (IRRI India Office).

The program was facilitated by Guhan Thasapalan.

PRINCE2 is a process-based approach for project management, providing an easily tailored and scaleable project management methodology for the management of all types of projects. The method is the de-facto standard for project management in the UK and is practiced worldwide.

For inquiries and future PRINCE2 schedules, please contact the HRS People Development Services at x2824 or send email to HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2014-018

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

IRRI joins the world in celebrating women’s day in March 2014

As part of IRRI’s Gender & Diversity (G&D) Program, the Institute will celebrate the International Women’s Day (IWD) in March 2014.

The program of activities this year will be in line with the global theme of “Inspiring Change.” The upcoming event will be led and organized by HRS Workplace Relations & Advisory Services (HRS-WRAS).

Please look for more updates in the coming days. For inquiries on IWD at IRRI, please contact HRS-WRAS team at Workplace Communications Article No. 2014-017

Nominations now open for the 2013 NRS Achievement Awards

The Institute’s search for the next NRS awardees is now open. All organizational unit (OU) heads are encouraged to nominate qualified individual or teams this year who have made an outstanding contribution to IRRI.

Prizes include a plaque of recognition; US$ 500 for each category winner (divided among team members); merienda cena with the BOT, Director General, Deputy Director Generals, and awardee’s guests; an article of recognition in the IRRI Bulletin; and will be featured on the Roll of Honor prominently displayed in F.F. Hill Building at IRRI headquarters.

Since 2006, IRRI has been recognizing the exemplary contributions of nationally recruited staff (NRS) through the NRS awards program. The winning individual or group must have a record of exceptional accomplishment or initiative, outstanding efforts, and recognized and respected by peers. The annual NRS Awards categories are: 
  • IRRI Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement or Development (individual or group)
  • IRRI Award for Outstanding Research Support (individual or group)
  • IRRI Award for Outstanding Administrative Support (individual or group)
Individuals or groups may be nominated from IRRI headquarters and country office locations. There will only be one winner in each category.

The criteria for selection and details of the mechanics are included in the DG Memo 2013-2; the revised guideline was sent to staff on 18 February 2013. Director General Robert Zeigler will announce the awardees during the Board of Trustees meeting in April 2014.

All OUs are encouraged to submit at least one nomination to HRS Workplace Relations and Advisory Services (HRS-WRAS), who will act as the secretariat to the search committee. The members of the selection committee come from within the IRRI community and includes both research and non-research staff.

OUs can submit completed nomination forms to the OU committee chair and must be accompanied by sufficient supporting documents. To nominate, staff may use official forms online at for group nominations and at for individual nominations. Deadline for submission of all entries, coming from all OUs is on 14 March 2014 (Friday).

For more information, please contact HRS Workplace Relations and Advisory Services team at ext. 2363, or please send an email to Workplace Communications Article No. 2014-016

IRRI’s STAR/PBtools Development Team of the Biometrics and Breeding Informatics wins the 2013 year-end SATA

Photo starting from top left: Guoyou Ye (team leader), Violeta Bartolome, Alexander Cañeda, Alaine Gulles,
Rose Imee Zhella Morantte, Leilani Nora, Angel Manica Raquel, Christoffer Edd Relente,
Nellwyn Sales, and Darwin Talay

The STAR/PBtools Development Team of the Biometrics and Breeding Informatics in Plant Breeding, Genetics, and Biotechnology (PBGB) has won the 2013 year-end Semi-Annual Team Awards (SATA).

Lead by Guoyou Ye, Senior Scientist, the members of the team have received the SATA in recognition of their excellent work toward the development of statistics and breeding software, particularly the STAR statistics package and the PBTools program for plant breeders. They not only were strong as a team but they also worked well with different groups within and outside of IRRI. Their work as a team is already creating an impact on breeding efforts at IRRI and by NARES partners.

The team is composed of Violeta Bartolome, Senior Associate Scientist; Alexander Cañeda, Senior Specialist; Alaine Gulles, Assistant Scientist; Rose Imee Zhella Morantte, Specialist; Leilani Nora, Assistant Scientist; Angel Manica Raquel, Programmer; Christoffer Edd Relente, Programmer; Nellwyn Sales, Specialist; and Darwin Talay, Programmer.

The team will receive a certificate of recognition to be shared by all members, a shared cash award amounting to US$3,250, and will be invited in the Annual Service Awards and Recognition Program in December with their team manager(s), the deputy director general (research), and the director general.

The team was chosen after a nomination process which began at Organizational Unit (OU) level and which has included a detailed review and assessment by the SATA Selection Committee, and finally, the Director General.

The IRRI Semi-Annual Team Awards (SATA) Program was created to recognize team achievements, and to support existing programs through which outstanding contributions and performance are recognized. For inquiries and future nominations, please contact HRS-Workplace Relations and Advisory Services at Workplace Communications Article No. 2014-015

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

HRS updates on Q1-2014 Learning and Development Calendar

Human Resource Services (HRS) added two new courses for the Q1-2014 Learning and Development (L&D) Calendar. Please check below for the updated schedule:

You can check out other offered courses here for details.

Some courses and schedules are still subject to change.

For inquiries and registration on 2014 L&D programs, please contact HRS People Development Services at x2824 or send email to HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2014-014

ADB Spouse Association visits IRRI

Members of the Asian Development Bank Spouse Association (ADBSA) visited IRRI headquarters, many for the first time, on Thursday, 30 January 2014. The group was led by Weng Miller, ADBSA president, and Asako Nakao, spouse of the ADB President, Takehiko Nakao.

Participants were ADB spouses from Australia, Canada, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, and United States of America. They were welcomed by the IRRI spouses led by Judy Buresh and Charmian Sackville Hamilton.

A program was prepared for the ADB spouses during their one-day visit at the Institute. The activities included a video presentation about IRRI and an on-site visit to the Genebank and Riceworld Museum.

The guests enjoyed their one-day tour of the Institute.  Comments from the spouses included that they look forward to visiting IRRI again with their families and friends.

A special treat was held at the IRRI Guesthouse after the program. Workplace Communications Article No. 2014-013