Tuesday, 11 February 2014

IRRI’s STAR/PBtools Development Team of the Biometrics and Breeding Informatics wins the 2013 year-end SATA

Photo starting from top left: Guoyou Ye (team leader), Violeta Bartolome, Alexander Cañeda, Alaine Gulles,
Rose Imee Zhella Morantte, Leilani Nora, Angel Manica Raquel, Christoffer Edd Relente,
Nellwyn Sales, and Darwin Talay

The STAR/PBtools Development Team of the Biometrics and Breeding Informatics in Plant Breeding, Genetics, and Biotechnology (PBGB) has won the 2013 year-end Semi-Annual Team Awards (SATA).

Lead by Guoyou Ye, Senior Scientist, the members of the team have received the SATA in recognition of their excellent work toward the development of statistics and breeding software, particularly the STAR statistics package and the PBTools program for plant breeders. They not only were strong as a team but they also worked well with different groups within and outside of IRRI. Their work as a team is already creating an impact on breeding efforts at IRRI and by NARES partners.

The team is composed of Violeta Bartolome, Senior Associate Scientist; Alexander Cañeda, Senior Specialist; Alaine Gulles, Assistant Scientist; Rose Imee Zhella Morantte, Specialist; Leilani Nora, Assistant Scientist; Angel Manica Raquel, Programmer; Christoffer Edd Relente, Programmer; Nellwyn Sales, Specialist; and Darwin Talay, Programmer.

The team will receive a certificate of recognition to be shared by all members, a shared cash award amounting to US$3,250, and will be invited in the Annual Service Awards and Recognition Program in December with their team manager(s), the deputy director general (research), and the director general.

The team was chosen after a nomination process which began at Organizational Unit (OU) level and which has included a detailed review and assessment by the SATA Selection Committee, and finally, the Director General.

The IRRI Semi-Annual Team Awards (SATA) Program was created to recognize team achievements, and to support existing programs through which outstanding contributions and performance are recognized. For inquiries and future nominations, please contact HRS-Workplace Relations and Advisory Services at irrihrs-wras@irri.org. Workplace Communications Article No. 2014-015

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