Wednesday, 19 March 2014

2014 International Women's Day Observance in the IRRI Country Offices

The annual observance of IWD happened on March 10 & 11 at IRRI-HQ. Alongside it are the celebrations conducted by various IRRI Country Offices namely Burundi, Cambodia, China, Indonesia and South Korea.

On March 6, IRRI Offices in China, Cambodia and Indonesia went ahead of HQ in celebrating IWD. They have observed IWD in the simplest, yet solemnest way possible such as giving bouquet of flowers, tea party and producing the novelty 2014 IWD shirt and button pins. For IRRI Cambodia Office, Dr. Dule Zhao, IRRI Representative, and Ms. Marie Kim Leng, Assistant Manager, celebrated IWD together with the Cambodian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) and the Korea Program for International Agriculture (KOPIA) at the CARDI campus. CARDI focused on reviewing the role that Cambodian women play in the society, which said to be as equally important as that of men do in many institutions such as business, agriculture and education. Also, CARDI Director General, Dr. Ouk Makara recognized the great contributions made by their female staff in the development and implementation of the Equal Opportunity and Equal Treatment Policy, this in partnership with the CARDI Women's Association (CWA).

On March 7, Dr. Joseph Bigirimana, IRRI Representative, led the observance of IWD in the IRRI Burundi Office (IBURO) over a get together lunch with the staff. They also gave token of appreciation to the female members of the team.

Simultaneously with IRRI-HQ's first day celebration on March 10, the IRRI South Korea Office honored International Women's Day by taking our staff to lunch at an Indian restaurant in Suwon, South Korea. HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2014-029

More photos here.

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