Tuesday, 15 April 2014

IRRI announces new Identification (ID) Card design

IRRI has developed a new ID card for staff which will take effect in May 2014. The new ID will have the Resource Number (or ResNo), and will feature the Institute’s new logo.

Five Things You Need to Know About the New IRRI ID
Question Answer
1. Why do we have a new ID? The new ID will have our Resource Number (or ResNo) and will also feature the new IRRI logo.
2. When will this take effect at HQ and Country Offices? This will take effect in May 2014.
3. Will everyone's ID be replaced, or will this be for the newly-joined staff only? This will initially be used for the new staff joining in May 2014. We will eventually be replacing the old/faded/broken IDs starting July 2014.
4. Will we get door and printer access? Yes, similar access will be given to your new ID.
5. Who do we need to contact if we need to replace our old/faded/broken ID?
You may contact the Security Desk Officer at x2278 or Elaine Tobias at x2807.

For inquiries on IRRI’s new ID card design, please contact Safety & Security Services (SSS) team at HQ ext. numbers 2278 or 2807 or send email to security@irri.org. HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2014-042

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