Thursday, 8 May 2014

IRRI holds employee orientation program in April

IRRI welcomes 22 new employees on 29-30 April 2014 at headquarters. They are Susmita Bandyopadhyay (CPS), Lito Bautista (PBGB), Cassio Peia Bebis (PPS), Joseph Beredo (PBGB), Dmytro Chebotarov (GRC), Arnelyn Doloiras (C4), Shiela Escultura (SSD), Evangeline Evangelista (PPS), Gabriel Gibe (PBGB), Buyung Hadi (CESD), Richievel Iba​├▒ez (PBGB), Mona Liza Jubay (PBGB), Reuben Jacob Labios (PBGB), Jireh Vic Lubigan (PBGB), Cheryll Myra Mercado (DHRS), Rodrigo Ocampo (PBGB), Dolores Pagtananan (SSD), Divina Pernia (Controller), Millicent Sanciangco (GRC), Maria Schwab (IRRI-Burundi), Hung Van Nguyen (CESD), and Marlon Villegas (CESD).

On the first day, participants were given a brief history of IRRI, an overview of its research programs, and a “walking tour” to meet and greet staff from different organizational units.

On the second day, they had an opportunity to join the workshops on “Working in a Multi-Cultural Organization” and the “IRRI Code of Conduct" followed by the second part of the walking tour.

IRRI extends an invitation to all staff who have not had the opportunity to join the orientation program in the past. For inquiries and future orientation schedules, please contact the HRS Organization & People Development Services at HQ x2824 or send email to HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2014-052

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