Friday, 25 July 2014

Basketball match between IRRI and ADB

The women’s team of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) lost by only one point to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) team during their basketball match at ADB in Manila on 27 June.

Although Team ADB scored points in the opening minutes of the game to gain early advantage, IRRI caught up and eventually took the lead mid-way through the first quarter. They managed to stay ahead until the latter part of the fourth quarter. Team IRRI had a chance to make a comeback but the game came down to the last possession. IRRI missed the potential game-winning shot as the final buzzer sounded. Final score was 42-41.

Team IRRI includes May Argayoso (PBGB), Jane Carlos (CNTRL), Lorraine Cappleman (PBGB), Saph Coronejo (PBGB), Shiela Escultura (SSD), Sara van Gaalen (HRS), Maila Melodillar (TC), Janine Kaye Vitto (C4C), Kharmina Paola Anit (ICRAF), Teresita Victoria (ISAAA), Joann Glorioso (FIN), Patricia Sorongon (FIN), and team coach Paulo Miguel Sandoval (FIN). HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2014-80

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