Friday, 25 July 2014

IRRI’s Geographic Information System (GIS) Team wins the 2014 Mid-year SATA

The Geographic Information System (GIS) team under the Social Sciences Division (SSD) was presented with the 2014 Mid-year Semi-Annual Team Awards (SATA). The award was presented to the team, headed by Andrew Nelson and Tri Deri Setiyono, in recognition of their critical and timely response after Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), which is an excellent example of an application of IRRI scientific expertise to real-world issues. The GIS group worked with the Philippine Department of Agriculture immediately after the typhoon struck Central Philippines in November 2013 to assess damages to rice crops using an information system the team had been developing. The innovation and cooperation displayed by the GIS Team helped improve the emergency relief response in the affected areas.

The GIS team develops spatial information on rice production across Asia in order to map rice areas, their cropping patterns and the frequency of flood and drought events. It is composed of Prosperidad Abonete (SSD-GIS), Jorrel Khalil Aunario (SSD-GIS), Jane Girly Balanza (SSD-GIS), Hannah Zarah Bhatti (SSD-GIS), Alexis Esrajel Dagmil (SSD-GIS), Cornelia Garcia (SSD-GIS), Mary Anne Gutierrez (SSD-GIS), Rosendo Gutierrez (SSD-GIS), Aileen Maunahan (SSD-GIS), MVR Murty (SSD), Andrew Nelson (SSD-GIS), Leo Kris Palao (SSD-GIS), Emma Quicho (SSD-GIS), Arnel Rala (SSD-GIS), Jeny Raviz (SSD-GIS), Lorena Villano (SSD-GIS), Alice Laborte (SSD-MRT), Neale Marvin Paguirigan (SSD-MRT), Tri Deri Setiyono (SSD-GIS), and Ma. Lizbeth Baroña-Edra (Communication). External collaborators of the GIS team include Alfie Bacong and Mary Rose Mabalay from Philippine Rice Research Institute - Department of Agriculture and Massimo Barbieri of sarmap.

The team will receive a certificate of recognition and a cash award amounting to USD 3,250 to be shared by all members. They will also be part of the Annual Service Awards and Recognition Program in December.

The SATA Program recognizes outstanding contributions, performance, and achievements. For inquiries and future nominations, please contact HRS-Workplace Relations and Advisory Services at HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2014-086

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