Thursday, 7 August 2014

​​Typhoon Glenda Task Force for Staff Support convened

Typhoon Glenda Task Force for Staff Support (TGTFSS) was convened last week to provide a window for donations of cash to a common fund. Established by the Human Resource Services (HRS), TGTFSS is an autonomous and independent mechanism that will exist for the remainder of the calendar year 2014. TGTFSS is comprised of the following:
  • Chair - Christine Croombes, Director for Human Resource Services 
  • Treasurer – Lisa Panes, Senior Manager ​ for​ Financial Operations Unit
  • Secretary – Joyce Finegan, HRS BP for Workplace Relations and Advisory Services
  • Voluntary Assistance Program (VAP) Representative – Bing Andarin, HRS BP for Compensation and Benefits
  • Family Liaison – Judy Buresh, HRS Family Liaison Officer
  • Elected president/chair or nominated representative from sector organizations:
    • ​​Mishel Ciceron​- ​A​ssociation of ​I​RRI ​S​ecretaries ​and A​dministrative ​S​taff (AISAS)​ 
    • Irma Tamisin​-​Association of IRRI Research Support Staff​ (AIRESS)​ 
    • Nguyen Thi Bich ThuyAssociation of Fellows, Scholars, Trainees and Residents of IRRI (AFSTRI) 
    • Reneeliza Jean Melgar​- IRRI​ Filipino Scientists Association (IFSA)
    • Antonette Abigail Caballero​-​Society of IRRI Non-research Professionals (SINOP) 
Aside from implementing the guidelines for the effective administration of the ​​financial assistance ​program, the responsibilities of the TGTFSS are as follows:
  1. ​​Disseminate application forms​, ​(please click​ here to ​see the ​​ ​online application​ form)​;​
  2. Accept and screen applications for assistance;
  3. Decide through an agreed criteria whether an application merits an award from the fund; please note that TGTFSS's decision will be final in respect of the grant and amount of assistance provided;
  4. In debatable cases, a simple majority of its members will decide whether an application merits an award from the fund;
  5. In the event of a tie/balanced score, the Chair will have the final decision;
  6. Communicate to each applicant within 14 days of receiving an application for assistance whether TGTFSS will make a grant;
  7. Decide how distribution of cash or checks will be managed and arranged;
  8. Disburse the financial assistance to the recipient/beneficiary;
  9. Keep and maintain a complete and correct record of all documents including list of all recipients/beneficiaries, cash receipts, donations, awards made and meetings of the TGTFSS;
  10. Prepare and disseminate a quarterly report to employees and donors; and
  11. At the conclusion of TGTFSS’s existence, decide what to do with any cash that remains in the fund.
For more information about the program guidelines ​ and application requirements for financial assistance​, please click here.

Please continue to give your donations by depositing to the account/s mentioned in the previous email. Alternatively, you can also make your donation by completing the ​online pledge form ​here. HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2014-087

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