Thursday, 16 October 2014

Dr. Gelia Castillo speaks at second Mentoring Lunch in 2014

Dr. Gelia Castillo, CURE consultant and National Scientist of the Philippines shared her insights during the 2nd Mentoring Lunch on 13 October 2014.

Dr. ​Castillo​ said that mentors-mentees should "keep in touch with reality" (​especially in setting goals and objectives). ​She also mentioned her guiding principle that "science must serve a human purpose" to remind them how important their work is in fulfilling IRRI's mission to alleviate hunger and poverty.

​Mentoring lunches are held to give mentor-mentee pairs the opportunity to get together on a regular basis and continue discussions in an informal atmosphere. At each gathering, a speaker is invited to share personal thoughts on mentoring, and to interact with the ​ ​pairs. ​HRS also ​shares​ research articles ​with the pairs ​ about mentoring as they go through the program. This is part of the on-going support to mentoring at IRRI, which is organized by the HRS.

For inquiries on future Mentoring Program schedules, please contact HRS Organization and People Development Services at x2824 or send email to HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2014-111

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