Thursday, 26 March 2015

International Women's Month showcase women staff members

"Women of IRRI," a photo exhibit, captures the contribution of women to the world of rice science.
IRRI  celebrates the International Women’s Day (IWD) to recognize the successes and achievements of women. In 2010, the Institute began hosting their own event as part of its commitment to gender equality.

Guided by this year’s IWD theme, Make It Happen, the Human Resource Services - Workplace Relations & Advisory Services (HRS-WRAS) organized Women of IRRI, a photo exhibit featuring images of IRRI women in science and support fields. Director General Robert Zeigler, Deputy Director General for Management Services Norman Macdonald, Head of Social Sciences Division Samarendu Mohanty, and Head of Communication Tony Lambino opened the exhibit. 

The organizers also set up the IWD “Freedom Wall” at Chandler Hall where people expressed their love and support for women. “Our power derives from our women, without whom our vision would be an unfulfilled dream,” said Dr. Zeigler in his post. 

Special Talk and Exit Seminar by Dr. Elizabeth Humphreys

In addition to the photo exhibit, Elizabeth Humphreys, an IRRI senior scientist,  also gave a special talk and exit seminar, Making ‘it’ happen—eight fantastic years at IRRI, where she discussed her research projects at IRRI. Dr. Humphreys also mentioned the many people and places that became a part of her career. She ended her presentation with bits of wisdom and the great satisfaction she received from her profession. 

Dr. Zeigler presented Dr. Humphreys a Certificate of Appreciation in gratitude for sharing her expertise and time with IRRI and the local scientific community. The program was hosted by HRS WRAS Manager Joyce Finegan and Partnerships Office Assistant Manager Sylvia Avance. To learn more about Dr. Humphreys’ seminar, visit this link.

A Celebration Treat followed the ceremony where Ms. Finegan expressed her gratitude to the 2015 Working Committee for extending their assistance and valuable contribution in making the event successful. Strings & Quartet rendered some light and beautiful music, making the occasion more special.

IWD Celebration Treat at Kari's Garden

In a post-event survey of employees invited to rate the IWD program, 43.1% of the respondents said  the event was “excellent”; 47% said it was “very good”; and the remaining 5% described it as “good.”

HRS extends its gratitude to everyone who supported the IWD program. 

IWD is part of the Institute’s workplace engagement programs. For inquiries, please contact HRS-WRAS at HQ x2935 or 2363 or send email to HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2015-020

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