Thursday, 26 March 2015

2014 IRRI Mentoring Program celebration

IRRI, in partnership with Growing Edge Limited, Hong Kong, successfully concluded the 2014 Mentoring Program on 20 March 2015 at headquarters.

Eighteen staff participated in the 2014 Mentoring Program, including (arranged by Mentor-Mentee pairs): Alice Laborte (SSD)and Leo Angelo Ocampo (CESD); Marco van den Berg (CIO-ITS) and Michael Angelo Rayco (DRPC); Tony Lambino (Communication) and Janelle Jung (TC); Marichu Bernardo (RMQA) and Dolores Pagtananan (SSD); Gina Zarsadias (SSD)and Verna Jessa Marcelo (TTC-GRC); Eugene Hettel (Communication) and Hung Van Nguyen (CESD); Grant Singleton (CESD)and Buyung Hadi (CESD); Kenneth McNally (TTC-GRC)and Richard Garcia (C4); and Tobias Kretzschmar (PBGB)and Vito Butardo Jr., (GQNSL).

The program celebration was facilitated by Chris Dixon, Director of Growing Edge Limited and Sharon Tudela, an external consultant based in Hong Kong. IRRI’s Deputy Director General for Research, Matthew Morell and Director for Human Resource Services, Christine Croombes were in attendance and gave inspiring messages to the mentoring pairs.

The participation in the IRRI Mentoring Program is for one year, with the objective of mentor-mentee pairs sharing known resources, expertise, values, skills, perspectives, attitudes and proficiency. The program allows the mentee to build skills and knowledge while attaining goals for career development. Conversely, it provides the opportunity for the mentor to further enhance his/her skills and knowledge areas by continuously reassessing and building upon those areas.

For inquiries or registration on the Mentoring Program and other upcoming HRS Learning & Development Programs, please contact HRS Organization & People Development Services (HRS-OPDS) at HQ ext. 2824 or send email to HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2015-017

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