Thursday, 26 March 2015

IRRI Country Offices celebrate 2015 International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day 2015 was also celebrated at IRRI Country Offices in India, Bangladesh and China. They have observed IWD in a simple but momentous occasion as possible. Women staff were honored with bouquet of flowers, a tea party and token of appreciation.

India Office

IRRI India offices celebrate International Women’s Day

The IRRI-India organized various activities for staff members, families, and friends at offices across the country in celebration of International Women’s Day. On March 9, staff members, their families, and friends held “lunch and learn” events.

The Delhi staff attended a motivational session with Mr. Suneel Keswani.

Delhi staff enjoyed a motivational session with Mr. Suneel Keswani

In Bhubaneshwar, scientists, technicians, and field, administrative and support staff from IRRI and CIMMYT and students with CSISA discussed the challenges and mainstreaming of gender in the workplace.

India office in Bhubaneshwar

At the IRRI-India office in Hyderabad, staff members, particularly the women, were encouraged to express their views regarding the working environment and family and work cultures. The activity also included rating their colleagues. The average rating given by women for their male colleagues was 7.5 on 10.  The average rating given by the men for their women colleagues was 8 on 10.  The discussion concluded that there was a need to improve the treatment of women at all levels, especially women field laborers. Male employees also vowed to give more respect to their women colleagues in order to get a better rating by Women’s Day in 2016.

India office in Hyderabad

In Tamil Nadu, the team discussed gender diversity, equality and respect. They also commended the important economic, political and social achievements of women.  Ms. Suganthi, office assistant (photo below, center), was recognized for her proactive role in office activities.

India office in Tamil Nadu

Poster and slogan-making contest were also held at India Office in line with the women's month celebration

In addition, there were various competitions on celebrating women.

Three children of staff who won prizes were:

1st prize (senior group) Aryan Sharma son of Ms. Savita Sharma (assistant manager)

2nd prize (senior group) Shivani Singh daughter of Mr. Anuruddh Singh (attendant)

1st prize (junior group) Neerav Yadav son of Mr. Rajan Yadav (assistant)

The winner of the slogan-making contest were:

Ms. Suchsmita Mohapatra  from IRRI-India in Bhubaneshwar

Winner of the best selfie on celebrating women’s day together:

Manzoor Dar from IRRI-India in Delhi and his wife Najam Waris Zaidi

The IRRI-India offices would like to thank Drs. Arvind Kumar, Suddhanshu Singh, Sudhir Yadav, and Sonya McGuinness for their financial support to the event. Members of the committee include Bidhan Mohapatra, Nandita Jain, Rubina Nilshan, Amit Singh, Ganesh Murthy, Dilip Singh and Babita Lukhar.

Bangladesh Office

The Bangladesh Office (IBO) staff participated in the IWD program, with IBO Representative Paul Fox (upper left photo above) acknowledging the contributions of women in agriculture. The short video ‘Make it Happen’ featuring ‘Women of IRRI’ was also presented.

China Office

Yunyun Su (photo above, left side), Officer at China Office (ICO) with  women colleagues from CG Beijing Centers in China during the IWD tea party. HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2015-021

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