Monday, 16 March 2015

IRRI holds 1st quarterly health and wellness fair for 2015

The Human Resource Services - Workplace Relations & Advisory Services (HRS-WRAS) organized the first quarterly Health and Wellness Program for the year. The theme of the event was Wellness@Work and provided IRRI employees and dependents free basic health screenings (e.g. blood pressure, cholesterol, and body fat percentage measurement), nutritional supplements, and other medical services. Held on 12-13 March, Wellness@Work featured 37 program partners that offered a variety of information on living a healthy lifestyle.

Over 2000 employees, dependents, and guests participated in the program, a 70.00% increase from last year’s 4th quarter Health & Wellness Program (see Fig. 1 for more information) on the number of participants.

Figure 1

Of the 1,208 employees who joined the event, 11.08% were from Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology (PBGB), 6.09% from Crop and Environmental Sciences Division (CESD), 5.21% from Social Sciences Division (SSD), and with 4.02% from the Communication Unit. The total number of non-IRRI participants, which include guests, dependents, and colleagues within Laguna area, reached 1,058.

'Introduction to Self-defense' course. Facilitated by Jose Luis Domingo, Director of Emergency Research Center.

The event also featured an introduction to self-defense facilitated by Jose Luis Domingo, director of Emergency Research Center, a civil society organization that specializes in mass-based emergency management. A total of 20 people attended the course including: Prosperidad Abonete (SSD), Maricar Alberto (CESD), Allan Los Anes (CESD), Ray Atienza (EVEO), Irish Bagsic (PBGB), Gela Myan Bueno (PBGB), Carla Lenore Calumpang (PBGB), Maria Florida Cueto (PBGB), Melchor Joseph Del Rosario (ITS), Kris Jovet Garcia (DO), Tsung-Wei Lai (DDGR), Jeremy Logrono (PBGB), Lovely Luar (IPNI), Rafael Panerio (PBGB), Iris Dawn Lee Pangan (PBGB), Rexie Jane Parreno (CESD), Julie Mae Pasuquin (CESD), Jessica Candace Soriano (PBGB), Ma. Teresa Sta. Cruz (PBGB), and Gina Zarsadias (SSD). IRRI presented Mr. Domingo with the Certificate of Appreciation for his support to the program.

For inquiries, please call at HQ ext. 2935 / 2363 or send email to HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2015-016

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