Thursday, 30 April 2015

IRRI holds information sessions on Staff Consultative Committee (SCC) for NRS HQ-based staff

Organized by HRS Workplace Relations & Advisory Services (WRAS), Joel Janiya (Chair of New Employee Association Model) NEAM Committee conducted four (4) information sessions on April 21 and 23 about the Staff Consultative Committee (SCC). A total of 176 NRS HQ-based employees across different organization units registered in the activity and attended the sessions. The information sessions gave HQ-based NRS an opportunity to increase awareness about the SCC’s roles and responsibilities and the guidelines on the upcoming election. 

In order to better understand employees’ perceptions of the SCC and for the organizers to identify areas of improvement, a survey was conducted after the information sessions. Towards the ends of the sessions, SCC Election Committee Chair Maria Elizabeth Naredo encouraged all NRS HQ-based staff to actively participate and vote in the upcoming election to further strengthen the SCC’s role in providing the mechanism for communication for staff. HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2015-029

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