Friday, 9 October 2015

‘MyPAD’ (My Performance Plans, Appraisal and Development) to be introduced.

This November, HRS will be introducing a revised version of our performance review form, 'MyPAD' (My Performance Plans, Appraisal and Development). The aim is to simplify the 'form-filling' process and focus more on the discussions between staff member and supervisor.

The Performance Review and Development Planning Process timetable has been adjusted from January to December in order to align the objectives setting and review process to the calendar year.  

Please make sure to attend the Guide to MyPAD information session to be held from 02 to 20 November, 2015. These information sessions which will be arranged for your respective work unit and dates will be published soon.

In order to begin your MyPAD year-end performance and development review, please refer to the reminders below:

 For future Learning & Development programs, please contact or call ext 2824.  HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2015-048

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