Friday, 19 February 2016

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              HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2016-006

"More employees are joining, moving around and advancing"

New Employees On-Board

Shoba Venkatanagappa joined as Senior Scientist II at the Plant Breeding unit on 02 February 2016. 

Md. Shahidul Islam joined the IRRI Bangladesh office as Assistant on 07 January 2016.

Md. Iqbal Raja Khan joined as Postdoctoral Fellow at the Plant Physiology Unit on 15 February 2016.

Golam Rasul joined as Senior Associate Scientist I at the IRRI Bangladesh office on 01 February 2016.

Subir Bairagi joined as Postdoctoral Fellowt at the Social Sciences Division on 09 February 2016.

Romnick Javier joined as Research Technician III at the Plant Breeding unit on 01 February 2016.

Nasreen Islam Khan joined as Senior Scientist I at the Social Sciences Division on 16 February 2016

John Carlo Rivera joined as Technician II at the Zeigler Experiment Station on 09 FEbruary 2016


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