Thursday, 2 June 2016

Defining Leadership Course successfully held at HQ

IRRI holds the Defining Leadership course for the second batch of participants on 30 May-01 June 2016 at Headquarters. The program was facilitated by Chris Dixon and Nicola Shearer of Growing Edge Hong Kong.

Fifteen Scientists based in Headquarters and Country Offices participated in the program including Alice Laborte (SSD), Amelia Henry (CESD), Digna Manzanilla (CESD), Georgina Vergara (PB), John Platten (PB), Mohammad Rafiqul Islam (PB), Parvesh Kumar Chandna (SSD), Ramil Mauleon (GB), Rosemary Murori (PB), Sheetal Sharma (CESD), Sudhir Yadav (CESD), Tri Deri Setiyono (SSD), Manzoor Dar (CESD), Prakashan Chellattan Veettill (SSD), and Yoichiro Kato (CESD).

Building on the success of the Preparing for Leadership program for the Post-Doctoral Fellows completed in March 2016, Defining Leadership is the second program to be implemented in IRRI’s Leadership Development Architecture. It consists of three modules: 1) Leading Self, 2) Leading Research Teams, and 3) Leading Research Business. Goal program completion is by end of 2016.

          HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2016-024

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