Wednesday, 21 September 2016

IRRI medical clinic info session held

Forty-three employees attended the recently concluded IRRI Medical Clinic (IMC) Info Session held on 19 September at the Umali Building, Room A.

The new IMC service provider is headed by Rick Reyes, Business Unit manager of the San Pablo Colleges Medical Center. Mr. Reyes presented a brief introduction of the hospital and the services they provide. He also introduced the new clinic team members headed by Occupational Health (OH) specialists Drs. Catherine Canubas-Biscocho, MD, and Jason Factoriza, MD. Other members of the team are OH nurses Richmond Reyes, RN, and Kristine Dalisay, RN, and clinic nurses Caren Rubis, RN, and Rhona Sy, RN.

Dr. Canubas-Biscocho discussed the IMC service process flow on how IRRI staff can avail of the clinic services. Copies of the IMC service process flow were also distributed to all attendees for their reference.

The participating staff members actively took part in the question-and-answer portion of the presentation. Some of the questions raised were about the Annual Physical Examination, health talk articles, flu vaccines, etc.

Event participants were also encouraged to coordinate with HR and the clinic staff for any health-related topics they would like to be featured in the HR- Health Talk.

A clinic open house followed after the information session. 

Facilitated by the IRRI Medical Clinic, the info session was organized by the Human Resources-Work Relations & Advisory Services Office.

HRS Workplace Communications Article No. 2016-040

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